Success Stories

Girls Festival

To empower, unite, and instill confidence in adolescent and teenage girls.

Game On! Unplugged

A safe place for young boys to step away from their screens and to come together in a healthy space.

Girls Festival

A large event held to prove to young women that they matter! And how to stand up for themselves, allowing them to say no to peer pressures and bullies.

Tea Party

An event for mothers and daughters to discuss how to deal with stress, gut health and screen time.

Mindfulness Talks

Paige and Jackie reunite to discuss depression, who if effects, and tools/resources to rise above it.

Mindfulness Talks

Paige and Dr. Tyler Van Benschoten discussed how fitness and exercise directly affect and impact mental health.

You’re Enough

A seminar held to support and encourage moms, stepmoms, and grandmothers dealing with issues such as technology, predators and drugs.

You’re Enough

A dinner and lecture by Kristen Wilson, helping bring the best self out of women in the community.


A dinner with several wellness lectures, encouraging and educating women of all ages how to bring balance into their lives.

Mindfulness Talks

Paige and Jackie discuss anxiety and how to manage it, especially during COVID19 and its unpredictability.

Harford County Living Podcast

Rich Bennett interviews Paige, as they discuss how it truly takes an entire village to support a community.

Dealing with Stress During The Pandemic

Rich Bennett and Paige meet again to discuss coping methods and ways to manage stress during these difficult times.