The key to a healthy life
is having a healthy mind.

-Richard Davidson

About me…

The values and philosophies behind Our Village Wellness Center have been a mission of mine my whole life. For as long as I can remember, my core values always included being kind, treating people the way I want to be treated, loving unconditionally

Beginning at a young age, I have always had a strong passion for children, teaching, coaching field hockey, and basketball, fundraising for Special Olympics, Cystic Fibrosis, Breast Cancer, March of Dimes, leading children’s ministries, and finding ways for people to feel good about themselves.  

One of my first experiences learning discipline and drive was playing field hockey. As an All-American athlete, I was the nation’s third-highest scorer during college. I then went on to coach field hockey for sixteen years, ten of which I was head coach at the high school level. I developed a true passion for coaching, motivating, and listening to my players. I also did the same for parents and fellow coaches.

I graduated with dual degrees in Special Education and Child Development. I have certifications as a Wellness Advisor, Life Coach, Mental Health, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and International Coaching Federation, I am a master in women’s leadership, podcaster, and motivational speaking. I taught special education for six years, was the director and transform specialist for multiple childcare centers, and eventually started my first preschool business in 1999, which I still successfully own and operate. I created a successful curriculum where building self-esteem, character, and kindness was integrated every single day. As well as S.T.E.M, CBM Curriculum-Based Measurement, KUMON’s reading and math, and physiotherapy are all programs implemented in my school.

While owning and operating a business, coaching, and leading organizations, I also found myself in many conversations of hurt, worry, and concern for their children, themselves, and the world around us.  It overwhelmed me knowing there are not many resources available for our community to turn to. I felt a strong drive to be a part of something bigger where I can reach more people to educate and let them know they are not alone!!

I started my first event called “A Girls Festival”.  It focused on self-defense against bullies, self-worth, and identification of anxiety and depression.  It was an amazing night of GIRL POWER for 5th grade – 12th-grade females. The success of this event led to many other sold-out events, all of which discussed the realities of anxiety, depression, stress, and more importantly, how to overcome them.

The real heart of Our Village Wellness Center is to reach as many people as we can to help them live their best lives!  This is my passion, my lifetime mission, and a dream come true!

Welcome to Our Village Wellness Center! I look forward to meeting you!!

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Paige Mullhausen