Our Village Wellness LLC

Outreach Program

Under one roof, we are a village of professionals, programs, events, and activities that will not only bring us together but will support you in all areas of life. We support, educate, motivate, and empower anyone in the room!

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Our Belief

Our Village is just that… OUR VILLAGE, yours, mine, ours!

In these times it takes an entire village to support a community. 

I invite you to explore our website to see what Our Village has to offer. Being a Mental Wellness Center is our way of helping you be the best you can be! EVERYONE, of any age, is welcome here! You will find there is NO judgment, ONLY unconditional kindness.

Let us provide you the tools to live your best life!

Our Goals

Safe Space

Our Village is always a safe and judgement-free zone. Our mission is
to heal those who need our help and to overall improve overall quality of life. We create a safe environment to achieve the ultimate goal of wellness for our community.

Community Events

We are proud to coordinate and host community events that are geared toward populations that need help to be their best selves. Our events have benefitted children and parents of all genders and ages gain the confidence they need to succeed in life.


Our lectures and events are always prepared with the best vendors and space possible to educate men and women who need our help. Our topics are specifically curated to address current issues that need to be mended.

Services We Provide

Wellness Providers, Counselors, Nutritionists, Life Coaches, Acupuncturists
Wellness Health Club, Including Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy Classes
Theme-Related Events and Workshops With Hand-Selected Vendors
Kid-Wellness, Tutoring, Self-Defense, Customized Programs, Teen Nights

Become a Vendor

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we are always open to new therapeutic options for our community.

We are partnered with Black Bear Sports Group

Black Bear  owns, manages and operates 26 Ice Rinks and, where applicable, their affiliated hockey teams, in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware.